Jul. 16, 2017

What Upsets Guests in a Restaurant

Grossly inaccurate estimates of waiting time or lost reservations

Debris, bits of paper & food on the floor not immediately picked-up

  • Ambience

Background music that is too loud and intrudes on conversation

Restrooms that are not spotless, clean-smelling and well-stocked

Dirty or disorderly kitchens that the guests can see

  • At the table

Sitting at the table for more than 1 minute without being acknowledged

Chairs that are dirty, stained or have crumbs

Service not provided to guests in the order of their arrival or seating

Staffs who can’t answer basic questions about the menu items

  • About the table

Salt & pepper shakers that are greasy to the touch or half empty

Glassware or crockery that is chipped, streaked, stained or dirty

Cutlery with stains, spots or that is tarnished

Tablecloth or napkins with stains, hole, rips or burn marks

Shaky or wobbly tables and chairs

Wet, greasy, stained or dirty tables or countertops

  • When placing an order

Service staff with an “ I’m doing you a favour” attitude

Having to wait for more than 3 minutes without a drink order taken

Not being offered assistance with the menu in terms of suggestions

Being told a menu item is not available after you ask for the item

Not enough menus or menus that are torn, stained, oily to the touch

Service staff who talk to their order pads

Managers and staff who make you repeat orders because they aren’t listening attentively

  • When being served food and beverage

Service so impersonal or rushed that they feel that they are being “processed” rather than being served

Not getting value for food, beverage and service

Orders that arrive incomplete

Service staff asking, “who gets what?”

Ordering a dish and getting something that matches its menu description

Getting something that looks stale, dried-out or bruised when its supposed to be fresh

Hot food and drinks not served not and vice versa

Water glasses not being automatically refilled

Having to wait for a piece of chinaware, silverware because you run out of it

Food sitting visibly in the pickup counter without being picked up

Condiment bottles that are coated at the neck

  • When paying up

Food checks and bill holders that are sloppy, wet, stained or calculated wrongly

Having to wait for more than 3 minutes for a bill to be prepared

Having to wait for more than 5 minutes for change to be returne

  • About you

Service staff who avoid eye-contact and a smile

Not being sincerely thanked before leaving the restaurant

Being made to feel wrong, stupid or clumsy

Failure to promptly resolve a complaint (in favor of the guests)

Soiled or ill-fitting uniforms

Staff eating at side-stations or drinking in view of guests

Lack of personal hygiene and sanitation practices in view of guests 

  • Upon entering

Being asked “any reservations?” even before being greeted

Not being acknowledged with eye contact, a smile and a hello immediately upon entering the restaurant

Not opening on time or closing earlier then posted operational hours

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