Aug. 25, 2017

Expectations of Guests

Guests are in general the sole judges of service quality but what do they really want from service? 

  • Assurance – Guests want to be able to feel confident about the organizations ability to provide them with quality of service.  The skills, knowledge and courtesy of employees and their ability to convey trust and confidence are considered very important.
  • Empathy – Guests value caring, personalized service that treats them as individuals.
  • Reliability – Guests consider important the ability to constantly perform the promised service in a dependably and accurate manner.  No one wants to fly on an airline whose pilots are "usually" reliable’ or do business with a company that "usually" delivers the goods on time.
  • Responsiveness – Guests judge the quality of service they receive by how well organizations staffs are willing to help them in a prompt manner when they require assistance.
  • Tangibles – In judging quality, Guests consider important the physical appearance of the facilities, furniture, equipment, personnel and communication materials (e.g. menu, brochures, personal grooming etc.)

A consistent level of quality service is provided when all Team Members carry out service related tasks in exactly the same manner, whenever possible. Management needs to state clearly the standards expected to be meet. Ensuring the consistent delivery of products and service to customers as much possible is the main aim of quality-oriented service. 

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