Jan. 19, 2020

New Deli Shops opening in Hong Kong

Il "Bel Paese", a new Dining Vision repositioning project in Hong Kong, reopened its Deli Shops locations in Happy Valley, Caine Road and Bonham Road, after being closed for about 10 days for a complete interior remodeling and new F&B concept development.

This popular brand, existing since 2001, has a loyal customers base that will find out the changes focus on providing a better quality and shopping experience, while introducing to a new generation more organic and eco-friendly choices.

The deli shops are a lot fresher, with a brighter, more inviting and approachable retail area, ice cream corner and a huge vertical cheese and cold cuts fridge right at the entrance. We wanted to re-look at an Italian grocery store concept, not formal and intimidating but rather engaging and conversational.
The refresh of the deli shops in Happy Valley, Bonham Road and Caine Road was led by Dining Vision, a Hong Kong based F&B Consulting Company with ongoing projects in Vietnam and Thailand as well.


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