May. 16, 2020

Preliminary Steps to develop a HACCP plan

HACCP is a system in which food safety is analyzed in depth through control of biological, chemical, and physical hazards, from raw production, procurement and handling to manufacturing, distribution and consumption of the finished product.The development of a HACCP plan is a logical step-by-step process where each step is built on the information gathered from the previous step:

  • Creating a Team: First step is bringing together individuals who have a deep knowledge of the various processing steps and operations. This group will be the “HACCP team.” In some smaller establishments the ‘team’ may be small and sometime consists of one person only, being the owner/operator
  • What should be covered by the HACCP plan? Second step is to categorize the types of potentially hazardous foods that need to be covered by the plan. Foods and processes with similar characteristics can be grouped together.
  • List of Ingredients, materials, equipment and recipes: Third step is to review each product and write down all of the ingredients, materials, and equipment used in the preparation of the food and also to write down all methods and control measures that address the food safety concerns involved
  • Develop a Process Flow Diagram: Fourth step: the HACCP team draws a flow diagram that shows all the steps in the production process from receiving through distribution / serving
  • Verify the Process Flow Diagram: The fifth step is to verify how accurate is the flow diagram; this can be validated having a “walk-through” of the entire production process, checking to see if there is anything missing from the diagram. The person in charge shall be someone who knows, or is familiar with the production process and the facilities.

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