Jun. 1, 2020

Tips to be a responsible eco-friendly tourist when travelling

▪ Carry Reusables

To give a contribution for a plastic-free environment, it is important to carry a refillable water bottle instead of purchasing a disposable one. Is is equally important bringing our own toiletries, metal straws, reusable shopping bags and everything else can replace the use of plastic.

▪ Prevent Food Wastage

We shall order only the amount of food we are sure to finish. It is also a good idea not to join buffets and pack your own food to be taken away and not to be left as food waste.

▪ Pack Lighter

More weight on a plane means it burns more fuel, therefore greater carbon emissions.A good practice is carrying only the minimum luggage and the ‘most required’ articles.

▪ Save Paper

 Paper is used throughout the globe for sanitation, packaging, communication, documentation, and so on. To be eco-friendly responsible travellers, we should save paper (and trees) by arranging soft copies of tickets and other documents while travelling. A strong help can come from reading on iPads or digital tablets.

▪ Reduce Energy Use

Electricity production generates an enormous amount of emissions that polluting the air and affecting the climate. We shoild try to limiting energy use for protecting the environment. So, let's turn off the lights, AC and TV when wr leave hotel rooms.We can leave the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign on the door before leaving to avoid the room to be vacuumed also when it is not necessary.

▪ Conserve Water

The water resources around the globe are already "hammered" because the over-use and wastage. We can help by taking shorter showers and turning off the taps while shampooing or shaving or brushing teeth. Hotel towels can be reused and washing clothes by ourselves, if needed, instead of giving them to the hotel laundry helps in reducing water as well.

▪ Use Public Transport

The primary reason why air quality is worsening at an alarming rate is the increased number of tourist vehicles. Let's take public transport when possible to facilitate a reduction in fuel emissions. If we rent cars, the choice should be for smaller model to reduce the impact on the environment. Whenever possible, exploring the destination on a bicycle or on foot is recommended not only because healthy practice but also to reduce the negative impact on the environment.

▪ Never Litter

To improve waste management qe should try not to litter and always follow the leave-no-trace rule, which is anything we carry in, we also carry out. Whenever possible let's recycle.

▪ Follow Rules

While travelling we shall follow the rules, as everydestination applies regulations to ensure the complete safety of the travellers as well as the environment.We need always to follow what the rules are as breaking them may not only lead to fines or severe punishment but also cause harm to the nature.

▪ Go for Eco-Friendly Options

We should choose eco-hotels that have sustainability like solar power, energy-efficient lighting, low-flow toilets, etc. Tour companies that help us follow the best environmental practices throughout the trip should be chosen as well. We need destinations that preserve their local ecosystems and promote sustainable amd responsible tourism.
All these changes are not as small as we think; to the contrary they can have a substantial impact on the big picture, allowing at same time to have a sustainable, healthy and environment-friendly travelling experience, a vacaction with a meaning.

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