Jun. 10, 2020

Preopening Consulting Services

▪ Concept Development

Every idea needs to be conceptualised, broken down into multiple parts and brought into life. Dining Vision studies the market and creates concepts that reflects menu's design, service style, dining room decor and style of food. 

▪ Operational Manuals:

An efficient operations manual gives clear directions regarding a smooth running of the business, so that associates and team members can perform their duties in the most efficient way. We wrote operations manuals for large restaurants chains and Hotels in Hong Kong, Singapore, Bali, Vietnam, Mongolia. Our manuals are tailor made and designed according to individual business’ needs and goals.

▪ Kitchen Design:

Dining Vision, as F&B concept developer and designer, presents a kitchen design based on the menu selection, kitchen plan development, equipment sourcing and installation coordination.

▪ Menu Engineering:

Menu development is a delicate and sometimes difficult process in the preopening stage. We assist in finding the right talents and the Chefs, then coordinate menu tasting sessions and present the final product after given a great deal of attention to costing, standard recipes, food presentation, selling price.

▪ Interior Design:

As our goal is crating concepts that are warm, classy and accommodating, we believe the interior is the first thing that captures eyes, even before the food is delivered to the table. Different ideas are presented in a 3D visual design proposal based on the vision and the budget of the client before calling into actions all stakeholders involved.

▪ Recruitment:

Poor customer service is the recipe for disaster in this business. In order to enhance guest's experience and therefore guarantee success, we put lots of efforts to find teams members with skills and experience matching expectations. With our tailor made job descriptions and operations manuals, we are confident to provide the right training for a proper operations follow up.

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