Aug. 27, 2020

Tips and trends in restaurant business

1. Open wall spaces can be filled by local talents; a new artist or group of artists can assist either monthly or quarterly with a rotating collection of unique decor and, in addition, sales opportunities can be generated with a proper art exposure.

2. A mural is also a great idea as many guests will take selfies for an Instagram-worthy piece of art related post, giving you free publicity.

3. Go Green: Indoor plants are not only beautiful and relaxing, but can also many help purify the air and create a visual connection for guests about the freshness of the ingredients.

4. The kitchen itself being part of the décor or an exposed wine “cellar” can be seen by guests as an important learning moment. Lots of upselling moments there.

5. A restaurant theme shall reflect menu or brand.

6. A minimalist look is made of think clean lines, natural materials, and a simple color scheme; this style is perfect for a “less is more” kind of concept.

7. Certain looks are classics for a reason; a classic pizzeria showcasing checkered tablecloths can provide a sense of nostalgia while still having a modern twist.

8. A community-centered experience can be created simply by adding a communal table or offering board games for guests to play while they are waiting.

9. Good lighting creates ambiance for your guests. Besides the feel, other things to consider are energy efficiency, staff safety and offering guests the possibility to be able to get a good shot of their plate

10. A well-functioning restaurant professional needs always a designer / consultant to plan layout and maximize function. A small space doesn’t necessarily need to feel crowded or cramped!

11. Every guest in every seat shall be looking at something nice!

12. A warm hello and welcome greeting is the guests’ very first impression of the place. This should never be overlooked

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