Feb. 10, 2022

Dining Vision Launches Lotus & Jasmine

Dining Vision is launching an “Ecospitality” project in Vietnam and Thailand, Lotus & Jasmine. The social enterprise's objective is to integrate 100% Eco-friendly lodging, organic food services, and local touristic activities with true green propositions as well as unique relaxing escapes. Focus is on responsible tourism, sustainable hospitality and positive impact on local communities and environment.

More and more environmentally conscious consumers are emerging, especially well-educated millennials and middle-aged individuals. They wish to experience extraordinary travel that is rich and socially responsible. However there are limited offers on the market. The locations of the projects have been strategically chosen where huge potential of economic growth will be experienced in the post-COVID world. We are now raising fund to bring Lotus & Jasmine to life.

Lotus & Jasmine's unique value proposition is based on a highly viable and scalable business model, resulting in high ROI and market preemption. You can participate in the innovative hospitality and sustainability project, and share the fruit of an investment that is projected to be 280% 5-year ROI. Please find us on Hong Kong Investment Network if interested in joining our funding board or contact us directly.

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