Restaurant Business Turnaround: One Step Closer To Excellence.

Bar Lounge Design

Bar Lounge Design

When a Food & Beverage business needs to evolve in a more loved and respected brand, it is time to create an overall experience that guests feel extremely positive and confident about.

A good turnaround or repositioning strategy cannot just be the typical logo and design change; brand, concept and operations should be re-evaluated, from top to bottom, inside and out.

Multiple goals should be identified, from creating better value to providing excellent customer service, executing more impact marketing strategies and embracing long-term sustainable operations. Light or major remodelling should be considered as well.

In addition, Dining Vision brings a new and fresh approach for developing management accountability, up to date systems and sales-building initiatives, all important components for a successful restaurant turnaround. By creating a unified call to action, we provide implementation support to guarantee that goals are achieved and team members efforts are properly directed.

Focus areas: 

  • Repositioning the company mission and vision to introduce a change of focus
  • Updating the corporate image to align to new market needs
  • Concept assessment
  • Management assessment
  • Interim management
  • Expanding business scope
  • New cost control methods and missed sales opportunities
  • Gaps in the organizational structure & ways to improve customer service
  • User-friendly recipe manuals to maximize operational efficiencies
  • Operations support
  • Equipment design and procurement
  • Recruitment & personalized training programs 
  • Promotions planning 
  • Food & Beverage menu design

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